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Service has always been Pro Circuit's main goal when it comes to suspension and the customer. With over 20 years of experience, Bones Bacon still dictates the setup of all the motorcycle suspension that comes through the shop. Bones has become a world leader in the development and application of many works style parts for production suspension on Showa, KYB and WP. This goes for the big bikes, as well as the minis.

Information from the customer is gathered and applied to a database derived from countless hours of testing with riders of all abilities, whether if it is in supercross, motocross or off-road. Correct setting, spring rates and category types are chosen for the customer that is unique to the application. Our main goal is to provide the customer with a quality level of service, a personalized setup with convenience of easy shipping and quick turnaround. With our oil change service, everything is completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected and measured for wear.

We at Pro Circuit HIGHLY recommend that customers in need of suspension work, send both their forks and shock in at the same time for all suspension revalves, oil changes and mods for safe and accurate setups. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Contact our Suspension Department to have your suspension serviced. Our Suspension/ Service Department hours are 9:00 am – 5:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time. Our telephone number is (951) 738-8050 and our suspension department email is

Before you send in your suspension, download the make/model service form of your bike, print it, fill it out and send it with your suspension. A sales representative will call you once its received to go over the work you want done. Please allow 5 to 7 business days for suspension service (turn-around time may vary, depending on parts in stock). Once your work is completed, your sales rep will call you go over billing and shipping if it has not already been discussed.

Make/Model service forms:

Honda Kawasaski KTM Suzuki Yamaha
CR85 03-08 KX65 06-16 KTM 65 SX 09-16 RM85 06-16 YZ85 02-16
CRF150R 07-15 KX80 98-01-KX85/100 02-13 KTM 85 SX 09-16 RM-Z250/RM-Z450 10-12 YZ125/250/250F/450F 2006-2009
CRF250R 05-09 KX85/100 2014-2016 KTM 250/350/450 11-14 RM-Z250 '13-15 RM-Z450 '13-14 YZ125/250/250F/450F 2010-2016
CRF250R 10-14 KX250F 2006-2009 KTM 150-450/F.E. 14-17 RM-Z250 2016  
CRF250R 2015-2016 KX250F 2010   RM-Z450 2015-2016  
CRF450R/X 05-08 KX250F 11-12      
CRF450R 09-11 KX250F 2013-2016      
CRF450R 2012 KX450F 2006      
CRF450R 2013-2016 KX450F 07-10      
  KX450F 11-12      
  KX450F 2013-2014      
  KX450F 2015      
  KX450F 2016      

NOTE: If a service form for your make/model is not listed above, please download and fill out our original Service Form. Prices, dependant on model, may change or be different. For an accurate quote, please call Pro Circuit at (951) 738-8050

How to Ship your Suspension to us:

1. Contact Us
Pro circuit will ship you a suspension box with shipping material to protect your forks and shock (Call for details). An alternative would be you shipping your suspension in a gun case.

2. Mark and Pack your Suspension
Please write your first and last name on your forks and shock. Place your parts in our suspension box and wrap the shipping material around your suspension.

3. Protect your Suspension!
Pro Circuit recommends insuring your suspension for at least $4,000. We want to make sure your service is easy and cost effective when shipping $1,300 to $2,700 worth of suspension!

Contact our shipping department for any questions you may have, or to learn how you can get the best rates on shipping!
Suspension Department:
(951) 738-8050.

We accept/use: