Continue reading below for complete information on the SFF Air Works Showa Suspension by Pro Circuit. To download the Pro Circuit flyer for the SFF Air Works Showa Suspension click here (PDF). If you are interested in purchasing a set of Works Suspension, or would like more information regarding model/year applications, please call us at (951) 738-8050

The all new 2013 Works Showa Suspension by Pro Circuit is designed for the rider who demands the most in both performance and appearance of their suspension. Ever detail has been refined to create the first 100% complete Works Suspension kit that doesn't compromise anything. Both forks and shock are hand assembled with Pro Circuit's internal specifications and spring rates, tailored to meet your personal racing needs.

For 2013, we are introducing Showa's all new revolutionary Works SFF (Serparate Function Fork) Air Fork. These forks are a huge step forward in technology, with exclusive state of the art designs providing damping and spring functions (Air) in separate fork legs, opening up several performance advantages. Since the left fork has no spring; the cartridge, pistons and shims are a lot bigger, providing better front end traction, bump absorption and a much more comfortable stroke with less feedback. The right fork houses two air chambers, each having their own oil volume. The inside chamber (high pressure), and outside chamber (low pressure) can both be adjusted by changing the pressure and oil volume to achieve the type of performance you require. Since the damping tasks are taken care of in the left fork, heat build up on the air side is minimal and pressure will stay consistent. Friction is reduced by 25% and overall weight is substantially reduced (in most cases over 2 pounds). The forks still feature big 49mm titanium nitrate coated tubes that provide more durability along with a smoother stroke. The larger internal cartridge system is larger; Kashima coated, sealed and pressurized much like a shock. With larger CNC-Machined billet axle lugs and a shorter redesigned outer fork tube, the flex balance is greatly improved.

The Works shock features race-inspired details to provide a distinct advantage over OEM shocks. The giant 18mm shock shaft comes standard with an extra-large 16mm diameter piston holder, housing the bigger check valve system for more oil control, isolating the compression and rebound stroke and also adding more piston and shim stability. These features result in a more stable and controlled ride with slightly cooler temperatures. The 50mm hard-anodized Kashima coated body has less friction and reduced heat build up. For maximum performance and adjustability, the compression assembly separates high and low speed valving circuits and adjusters.

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