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Fits The Following Bikes:

Honda CRF450 2021-2023 

Honda CRF250 2022-2023


Linkage Description:

The new Pro Circuit linkage system for the 2023 CRF450 brings the bike's handling performance to an entirely new level. The stock OEM linkage system for these newer models tends to be harsh and stiff at the beginning of the stroke and gets softer as the rear wheel goes deeper into the stroke. With the new Pro Circuit linkage system, it's the complete opposite. The Pro Circuit CRF450 linkage system is plusher at the beginning and stiffens up as the rear wheel goes deeper into the stroke. This adjustment lessens the need for stiffer high-speed valving, which can cause the rear to feel harsh and deflective. A considerable amount of research and testing for this new linkage system has resulted in a more true-to-weight spring rate to reach the ultimate sweet spot in handling for your new CRF450. Ultimately, the new linkage creates a plush feel while increasing traction.


Note: An increase in spring rate is required. Usually a 0.2 kg/mm rate increase is recommended. (Rate example: 5.4 goes to 5.6).

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