2018 Dual Spring Works Forks - 39mm Main Piston

Continue reading below for complete information on the Showa Dual Spring Works Forks. To download the Pro Circuit flyer for the Dual Spring Forks click here (PDF). If you are interested in upgrading your set of Works Suspension, or would like more information regarding the Dual Spring Works Forks, please call us at (951) 738-8050

The Forks

New for 2018, Showa took its new completely redesigned Dual Spring Works Forks from 2017 and enlarged the internal cartridge cylinder from 25mm to 27mm. Combine this enlargement, along with the biggest compression piston ever (39mm) put in a dual spring fork, allows for the ability to gain much more comfort, control and cornering capabilities.

Continuing with the forks, large 49mm inner tubes and all the precision machined internal parts, along with the outer tubes, have state of the art coatings applied to provide more durability and a smoother stroke. The axle lugs are CNC-machined from billet aluminum and provide the ultimate strength, control and precise steering.

The Shock

The shock is oversized (18mm shock shaft) consisting of a 50mm hard-anodized Kashima coated body that offers less friction and reduced heat build-up. The works Showa shock offers a more stable and controlled ride, also reducing operating temperatures.

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